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A Gentle Prelude
A Song of Thanksgiving for Mothers
(2 copies)
Enjoy a warm, easy, and tuneful prelude for organ and piano. Use at any season of the year or list the second title for Mother's Day
A Quiet Meditation Play music sample
(2 copies)

"A contemporary setting of Psalm 63 ...An introduction that treats a short melodic motif, the piece revolves around a simple rather haunting tune, which recurs in melodically, modally, and harmonically varied guises. This lovely work is not difficult but requires sensitive playing."
--Joyce Johnson Robinson, The Diapason
(2 copies)
Jazz rhythms created for prelude, offertory, and postlude, or for concert use as a complete set.
Ballad  Play music sample
Dance  Play music sample
Jubilee  Play music sample
A Trilogy of Organ
and Piano Duets

(2 copies)
Dreamscape  Play music sample
Skyscape  Play music sample
Visions  Play music sample
Duet in three movements taken from MISSA JAZZIS themes. Dedicated to Duo Majoya and composed for Dr. Joe's 65th birthday concert, October 2009.

"Joe Utterback has quite a body of compositions to his name, many of which embrace and utilise his wide experience as a jazz pianist and composer. Celebrations has three movements: Jublilation is a four-verse medium tempo, 12 bar-blues with elements of boogie woogie; Remembrance is more informally bluesy, starting a little moodily with a haunting melody which is developed as the texture thickens and the mood intensifies, before an atmospheric ending rounds the movement off; and Hallelujah returns to happier climes and the celebratory mood of the opening is recalled with greater freedom and excitment. All three movements recall a style of jazz that is fairly middle of the road; we?ve moved on from early jazz, but we?re not in the dangerous, experimental jazz styles and idioms of more recent years. The music is therefore pretty tonal and with only the odd really spicy chord, but the writing for the instruments is very idiomatic and both performers and audiences who enjoy the idiom will find the writing well-suited to the instruments. What is most impressive is the way in which both instruments are treated as equal partners and left to get on with the keybord figuration that suits them best. The music needs good players, and a crisp ensemble, though much of the effect of the music will be lost on those with brilliant dexterity, but who have little affinity with the subtleties of the style."

Organists Review, February 2010

Three movements, Jubilation, Remembrance, and Hallelujah! comprise this 31-page suite. It is very much jazz, with difficult rhythms, cross-rhythms, and bluesy chords with which you (and I) may be unfamiliar. Nevertheless, the score is so cleverly written that the music fits the combination of piano and organ like a glove and will certainly give audiences something completely unexpected and enjoyable.
Even if you?re not used to the idiom, if you give it a try, you?ll become more proficient ? and captivated.

The American Organist, March 2010
What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Utterback has arranged sections of the organ solo version with additions for piano. The DUET flows with ease and incorporates great harmonies, jazz rhythms, and a scintillating piano passage surrounding melodic organ lines. You will enjoy playing this one, and your congregation will find it inspiring.
O Little Town of Bethlehem
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