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A fraternity song commissioned by Vance Harper Jones for Sigma Alpha Epsilon. The work is tuneful, and, as requested by the commission, it may also be played on the piano. There are blues elements.
I Want Jesus To Walk with Me
A setting of the spiritual, created for Susan Hegberg and based on Dr. Joe's workshops on jazz improv styles with hymn tunes.
Memorial Song
Dr. Joe adapted this organ solo from his duet for flugelhorn and piano. The piece opens with plaintive simplicity, ends with very quiet repeated figurations that represent breath sounds, indicating that even music is not able to express the extent of sorrow.
Talk About a Child That Do Love Jesus
Composed for Marcia Van Oyen, the organ solo is simple in concept, with a statement of the theme followed by a blues version.
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
(Prelude on HAMBURG)
A richly harmonic setting of the famous hymn, ending in a full organ climax.
This extended organ solo has been dedicated to Dr. Ann Marie Rigler. Musical themes were taken from Dr. Joe's MISSA JAZZIS, see catalog reference. The 7 individual movements may be used separately for church services or the entirety as concert repertoire.

Lord, Have Mercy
Holy! Holy! Holy!
Glory to God
Trail of Tears
Dr. Joe, who recognizes his personal American Indian heritage, selected the title TRAIL OF TEARS to honor the sacrifice and contributions of American Indians.
Lamb of God

"Utterback's name guarantees good music, playable and eminently approachable. This Jazz Mass has seven movements, all of which can be used separately. The composer's 'Special Notes' explain the origins of the work, and suggest visiting www.jazzmuze.com to hear each movement of the choral work on which it is based. Entrance is a short trumpet solo, Kyrie a gentle clarinet piece whilst Sanctus is suitably much bolder. Gloria, marked 'bluesy' ? there are four 12-bar blues choruses ? would be a good concluding voluntary. Trail of Tears is quite simple, marked 'plaintive, poignant', followed by Agnus Dei. The Mass ends with a splendid Alleluia; the instruction over the final bar sums it up: 'loud, exciting finale'."

RSCM CMQ online review, March 2010

"The Jazz Mass for Organ uses thematic material from the Missa Jazzis, and also shared in places with Celebrations [See piano and organ duets.], to produce a stand alone set of short organ pieces. Here we are back on familiar territory with fluent writing for the instrument and the ideas from the vocal pieces concentrated into shorter movements, shorn of the original texts."

Organists Review, February 2010

Utterback developed this organ solo from his Missa Jazzis, a jazz-influenced choral work.Seven movements reflect parts of the Mass: Introit, Kyrie, Sanctus, Gloria, and Agnus Dei, with a Lacrimosa and Alleluia added. None is difficult, although the jazzy harmonies and rhythms may take some getting used to. A welcome addition to the repertoire.

The American Organist, March 2010
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