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A short offertory in jazz ballad style
Love Came Down at Christmas (GARTON) Play music sample
Our Father's World (TERRA BEATA)
Peace Like a River
Peace Prelude
A meditation on the beauty, quiet joy, and strength of peace.

"...the piece begins with a haunting melody...very well written and descriptive of the many sides of peace...a good addition to a service or recital which concentrates on the theme of peace."
-- Dr. Dennis Schmidt, The Diapason

Second Edition
Sky Song Fancy
Colorful, rhythmic opening and closing, surrounding a lovely ballad
Steal Away  Play music sample &
Little David Play on Your Harp
 Play music sample

".deeply responsive to the mood and texts of both spirituals"
-- Paul Hale, Organists' Review

"Steal Away is a quiet meditation making use of lush jazz harmonies and a free tempo. Little David, Play on Your Harp is intended to be performed with a slow swing tempo. It begins with the texture of a jazz combo (bass, piano, solo instrument) but builds to a climax that can only be intended to sound like a big band. Both works are idiomatically well suited to performance on the organ... The works ...do not demand the improvisational skills of a jazz musician. The music is completely written out... The pieces are definitely a change of pace for most organists and organ audiences. If you appreciate jazz, you will surely find these pieces fun to play."
-- Jon Holland, The Diapason
Tango for Organ  Play music sample
A brilliant and sultry tango for concert audiences.
Three Spirituals for Organ
Balm in Gilead (jazz ballad style) Play music sample
Swing Low Blues (blues for manual) Play music sample
Nobody Knows the Trouble I See (relaxed gospel blues)

"...fun pieces if you enjoy the jazz idiom and theater organ style with chromatic slides between intervals. Moderately difficult."
-- D. DeWitt Wasson, The American Organist
Variations on Amazing Grace  Play music sample
A continuous set of variations, including two blues.

"...brings out much of the inherent characteristics of the hymn...a tremendous change or emotions.not an easy piece - much technical virtuosity required as well as a feeling for the jazz and blues style upon which the writing is based. ...conveys a quality of improvisation ... unusual, but very clever."
-- Dr. Dennis Schmidt, The Diapason
A jazz interpretation of 18th Century English voluntary styles. Mostly manuals
Flute Dance Play music sample
Sicilianablues Sicilianablues
Cornet Voluntary  Play music sample
A Pizzy Blues for Two Flutes
Air on the Oboe Stop Play music sample
Trumpet Tune Play music sample
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