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Missa Jazzis
© 2009 Joe Utterback

Dr. Joe's Missa Jazzis, completed during the winter of 2008-2009, was premiered on Palm Sunday in April 2009, presented by the Oratorio Choir at First Congregational Church in Stratford, Connecticut. Dr. David Wehr conducted the mass, with trumpeter Bill Pond and pianist Dr. Joe Utterback.

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Price for the jazz mass is $70, which includes bound scores for the conductor and pianist, as well as B-flat and C trumpet scores. The six choral mass sections are provided in flat sheets for local copying.

If you choose to perform only one of the choral works from Missa Jazzis, you may purchase a set of flat sheets and the accompanying trumpet scores for $15, as with all anthems purchased from Jazzmuze, Inc.

By clicking on the titles below, you may see and print out several pages of each choral work.

Click on the sound button to hear the movement.

Introit Play music sample
Kyrie Play music sample
Sanctus Play music sample
Gloria Play music sample
Lacrimosa Play music sample
Agnus Dei Play music sample
Alleluia Play music sample

The staff at Jazzmuze, Inc. will be glad to answer your questions about the mass.
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