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And I Will with Thee Go
SATB, fluegelhorn, organ
Text attributed to Poe
Beautiful Night
SATB, soprano solo, organ
CHRISTMAS...Utterback text
Eli Eli Shma' Koli  Play music sample
SATB, 2 trumpets (fluegelhorns), organ, piano, gong
Text by Orna Rawls, Hebrew and English song of praise
Joy Cometh in the Morning
SATB, soloist, organ
Based on text from Psalm 30
Exists in octavo format for $1 per copy
For SATB, soloist, piano: Psalmsong 3
Lo, I Am with You Alway  Play music sample
SATB, fluegelhorn, organ
Utterback text
Ode  Play music sample
SATB with quartet, piano 11 minutes
O'Shaughnessy text:
"We are the music makers..."
Song of the Ruby
SATB, oboe, piano
CHRISTMAS...song of the fourth wise man, Artaban
Song of the Wind  Play music sample
SATB and organ
ART SONG/Memorial
Composed to celebrate the life of an AIDS victim
Utterback text: "Song of the wind, breath of God..."
-- pain, suffering, release
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
SATB, quartet, piano
Up-tempo blues setting
Remember  Play music sample
SATB, fluegelhorn, piano, organ
Text by Rossetti and Blake
Whither Thou Goest  Play music sample
SATB, fluegelhorn, organ
Text from "Ruth", King James version
Music Makers (Set)  Play music sample
This music is provided for local copying for one choir. The text: "We are the music makers." Joe has set the famous O'Shaughnessy text for SATB choir, brass, and piano. Strong jazz influences.
Peace Will Come One Day Play music sample
Price includes permission to copy for choir and/or congregation.
Psalmsong 1
Opening chant-like passage for solo or unison, then SATB passages. Text adapted from Psalms, Utterback original music. "I was glad when they said unto me", "Let us go into the house of the Lord" Short SATB anthem or introit.
Sky-Born Music
SATB, soprano, piano Joe has created a special jazz-influenced anthem for a commission from First Parish (UU) in Framingham, MA. Joe adapted Emerson or the text. There is an optional quartet, but not necessary. People have really enjoyed this one! You can print out the first four pages.
Song of Anna
Soprano solo, SATB chorus. Setting for the presentation of Christ in the temple. Anna comments on her joy; the choir functions as a Greek Chorus commenting on the event.
Wayfaring Stranger
From F minor Bever's Christian Songster, 1858 SATB and organ, arranged by Dr. Joe
"I am a poor wayfaring stranger,
While journ'ying through this world of woe,
Yet there's no sickness, toil, nor danger,
In that bright land to which I go.
I'm going there to see my Father,
I'm going there no more to roam,
I'm only going over Jordan,
I'm only going over home."
What Child Is This?
SATB with responding soprano and alto duets with tenor and bass duets. Delightful setting and harmonies. Traditional text and tune arranged by Dr. Joe.
Deep Peace Play music sample
O Come, Emmanuel
Lay Your Hand on Us, Lord
(local copying)
A simple prayer, solo with unison ensemble repeat
As Spring the Winter Doth Succeed
(local copying)
An anthem set to the familiar tune "Simple Gifts, " using the poetry of America's first published woman poet Anne Bradstreet
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